What are GO Teams?

GO Teams are short term mission teams that work alongside congregations of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Scotland. They provide opportunities for team members to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to meet other believers.

How long does a GO Team last?

Most GO Teams last either a few days or a week, although every team is different. The information for each team can be found on its individual page.



What happens on a GO Team?

That depends on the team! Each congregation that hosts a GO Team will make their own plans about what the team will do. Previous GO Teams have involved:

  • Helping to run a holiday bible club
  • Spending time with the church’s young people
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Door-to-door work
  • Organising outreach events
  • Helping to staff a bookstall
  • Street evangelism

What if I've never done a GO Team before?

GO Teams are a great way of stretching ourselves by serving Christ in ways that we normally wouldn’t. It is good that we force ourselves to do things that we don’t actually enjoy. 

But, you won’t be forced to do something you feel you just cannot do. If you can’t do a talk at a Holiday Bible Club, there will be other activities you can lead. If you’ve never done door-to-door work before, you’ll be partnered with someone more experienced.


Who can do A GO TEAM?

GO Teams are open to any Christian over the age of 16.

I don't attend a Reformed Presbyterian Church. Can I still do a GO Team?

Yes! Just give us the name of the church you do attend when you apply.



No! Many GO Team members tend to be in their teens or twenties, but that's only because those who are students tend to have long holidays! GO Teams have benefit greatly from having members who are more experienced and we would love more to apply.

How much do GO Teams cost?

GO Teams are free. We will pay at least half of the travel costs for team members travelling from Ireland to Scotland or from Scotland to Ireland.

Those doing the Nantes GO Team are asked to make a contribution to travel costs.