Looking back on the Airdrie GO Team

The first two GO Teams of 2017 have both finished and the team members have returned home. Vicki Blackburn shared her experience of the Airdrie team with their website.

This year’s Airdrie GO Team took place from Thursday 13th – Monday 17th April. The team consisted of a group of six from Northern Ireland and Co. Donegal, Ireland: Ross Fallows, Anah Laverty, Ruth Denniston, Vicki Blackburn, Timmy McGurk, and Patrick Stewart. We are thankful to God for bringing us together through this short mission team in order to serve Christ and glorify His name by spreading the good news of the gospel.

Before leaving for Scotland, we received many kind messages reminding us that the team’s work would be kept in prayer. This was encouraging for us all to hear. Those at home hoped it would be a challenging but rewarding experience for us. I think I can safely say this was the case! Our main goal was to distribute 15,000 leaflets to homes in the surrounding area of Airdrie. These leaflets were delivered to invite locals to the church’s mission the following week. The mission would focus on Jonah, with the talks entitled ‘We Can’t Run From God, Jonah’s the Proof’.

Timmy, Anah, Ross, Patrick, Vicki, and Ruth

After arrival on Thursday morning, the team got stuck in straight away to begin the leaflet distribution. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions allowed for many invites to be posted within a short period of time. It was lovely to work alongside the church members and youth during distribution. Great support was also shown by members of the Scottish RP church community. We give thanks to God for providing this help, the favourable weather and the strength to distribute a large number of leaflets around a variety of areas. We were delighted to have achieved this main task by day 3, with all the desired locations covered and just under the 15,000 invites delivered to many homes in Airdrie.

Another key element of the Go Team involved spending time with the church’s youth and of course, having some fun! After each day of leaflet distribution, the team enjoyed the evenings with the young people and CY group. Some competitive bowling, ball games, forest games, bonfire and s’mores, a take away, and movie night were on the agenda.  These evenings were enjoyable for all and provided opportunities for the youth to bond with other Christians of a variety of ages.

The Sabbath day was a much-appreciated day of worship, fellowship, and rest. We attended the prayer time and morning and evening church services. In the morning, Rev Andrew Quigley preached on 2 Chronicles Ch 27 about ‘Living for God’ and ‘Reasons to Invite Them’, in the evening. Both sermons were appropriate and practical for each of us after the past few days spent in Airdrie. The morning service was followed by a church lunch to say goodbye to Stephen, Brenda, and Zoe McCollum who are moving to Stornoway. The team joined the congregation for this time of food and fellowship. After lunch, we visited a local country park for a peaceful lakeside walk. We had some down time and supper at the Quigley’s house after the evening service. The team enjoyed this blessed and relaxing day.

The Go Team also enjoyed team time in the evenings and appreciated the opportunities for prayer and psalm sings. These times together were uplifting, and we’re thankful to the team members who organised this.

The team, along with some of Airdrie CY on a Reformation Tour

Finally, the team participated in a Scottish Reformation Tour before heading to the airport. It was interesting to learn about the history of Covenanters in Scotland, whilst visiting some beautiful landmarks such as Glasgow Cathedral.

Airdrie GO Team 2017 was a wonderful, memorable experience. Thank you to all who made us feel so welcome and for the fantastic hospitality shown. Pray that the Lord will work in the minds and hearts of the Airdrie locals to see their need for salvation, as they cannot run from God. We pray that next week’s mission goes well, for Rev Quigley as he delivers the talks, and that many lives will be changed.

The team along with some of the Airdrie congregation who helped distribute invitations

Airdrie GO Team: Day 4 (Sunday)

Give thanks for how God has given the GO Team a blessed and relaxed Lord's Day. The team attended the service this morning as well as the prayer time beforehand where they were able to join with the members of the congregation in praying for fruit from the upcoming mission services.

After the morning service, the team joined with the congregation for a church lunch to say goodbye to Stephen and Brenda McCollum, who are about to move to Stornoway, where Stephen will be installed as minister of the Reformed Presbyterian congregation there.

The team had a relaxing lakeside walk at a local park, before returning to Airdrie for the evening service. The sermon was uplifting and the congregation were encouraged to invite other people along to hear the gospel at church. After the service, the team enjoyed their evening with the Quigley family in their home.

One of the best parts of the day was a prayer time and psalm sing which some of the team members organised. Give thanks for the ways in which God has encouraged the week this week.

Some of the team will be returning home tomorrow; please pray that God would give them safety. Others will be learning more about the witness of the Covenanters as they take part in a Reformation Tour.

Airdrie GO Team: Day 2 (Friday)

Today was another busy but enjoyable day. Morning, afternoon and evening were spent distributing leaflets for next weeks church mission. It was a wet afternoon, but great progress was still made. Some of the team also carried out practical work at the church such as cleaning and cooking.

The evening was spent with the young people again, this time doing Forest games and a bonfire.

Airdrie GO Team: Day 1 (Thursday)

The main task of the Airdrie GO Team is to distribute 15,000 invitations around the town advertising special services which will be held next week. Not only will the team be giving out these invitations, members of the congregation will be inviting their friends and family members personally. Some of the members of Airdrie first came to faith after coming along to special services, so please pray that God would work in this way once again.

The team isn't all about delivering leaflets - there are plenty of opportunities for fun as well! In fact, having fun is a key part of the Airdrie team because it is a great opportunity to invest in the lives of the congregation's young people, who are growing up in a society where they know very few Christians of their own age. Tonight they went bowling - please pray that they will be encouraged by the time they spend with the GO Team throughout the rest of the week.

This year's team members are: Anah Laverty, Ross Fallows, Ruth Denniston, Vicki Blackburn, Timmy McGurk, and Patrick Stewart.