Newry GO Team Update: Thursday & Friday

Newry's week of Holiday Bible Club came to a close with hotdogs for the children and parents. During this, the team was able to give an Indian mother a Hindi translation of the Gospel of John. All the talks at the Holiday Bible Club had been from the Gospel of John.


Unfortunately for the Summer Youth Club the weather forced the planned trip to Slieve Gullion to be cancelled. However the team was undeterred and they quickly came up with a Biddy Up Challenge night over their dinner in the local Pizzaria La Dolce Vita.


At both clubs Nigel Agnew took some time to present the gospel to those in attendance.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks again for all the helpers who gave up their time to help with the GO Team. Pray that all the work done throughout the week would have been to the glory of God and that fruit would result from the work.

Pray for the lady who received the Gospel of John in her own language. Pray that God would speak to her through his word and that she could come to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Pray that God would use the words spoken by Nigel Agnew as a means of reaching the hearts of the young people who were listening and that they would come to know both God and Jesus.

Newry GO Team Update: Tuesday and Wednesday

Newry's Holiday Bible Club and Summer Youth Club began on Tueday. A good number of young people attended the youth club in the evening. On Tuesday afternoon the team also carried out some litter picking around the canal in the city.


On Wednesday all the children returned to the holiday bible club which was a big encouragement and they were all well behaved.


The team also hosted a tea party in the afternoon and the hall was nearly filled by all those attending. Two polish visitors even stopped by as all the elderly people enjoyed fellowship together. They also had the opportunity to sing along to Elvis on the ukulele.

In the evening the youth club enjoyed a photo challenge around the town and some pizza before listening to a talk by Alan Keenan. He spoke from Ezekiel 16:49-50 and explained how Christian's should react to the environment.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks for the times of fun and fellowship enjoyed by those on the team and amongst those attending the events throughout the week. Give thanks that children returned to the Holiday Bible Club and fot the good attendance at the tea party.

Pray that the children and teens at both clubs would understand the message delivered to them and that it would have a spiritual impact upon them. Also pray for attendance at the Holiday Bible Club to increase if God wills.

Pray for Thuesday's speakers, Yvonne Wilson at the Holiday Bible Club and Stuart Gamble at the Summer Youth Club. Pray that God would speak through them to use their words for his own glory and the work of his kingdom.

Newry GO Team Update: Monday

On Monday the team had a productive day preparing for the Summer Bible Club and New Youth by decorating the church hall.


The team also enjoyed times of fellowship during morning devotions and evening worship. In the afternoon there was a discipleship study.

Nigel Agnew also led the team in a study of Psalm 88 and following this the team distributed the booklet ‘What's the point of life?’ by Mez McConnell in the area surrounding the church. Several good conversations were had with those that the team met on the doors.

Prayer points:

Give thanks for the times of fellowship that the team can enjoy and pray that each member will experience spiritual growth personally whilst on the team.

Pray that God would be working in the hearts of those that the team spoke to and also for those that received booklets. Pray that the booklets would be read and that they prompt people to consider their own spiritual condition.

Pray that a good number of children will attend the Summer Bible Club today (Tuesday) and for Anna Murphy as she takes the first talk. Also pray that the Summer Youth Club would be well attended and for Benjamin Agnew as he will be speaking.


Newry GO Team Update: Sunday

Newry's GO Team kicked off on Sunday and it also coincided with the baptism of Georgia Maebh Keenan. This brought many visitors to church who were able to join the congregation for a BBQ lunch after the service.

The team will begin distribution today (Monday) and they also plan to host a Holiday Bible Club and Summer Youth club beginning on Tuesday.

Prayer Points:.

Please pray for the team which consists of; Eleanor Alexander, Joel Armstrong, Sarah Hughes, Tommy Jarad and Lois Kennedy. Also pray for the Murphy and Agnew families as they provide help throughout the week. Pray that there will be good unity amongst the team and that they can all use their gifts in service to God.

Pray for the distribution that will take place. Pray that the literature will be well received and read and that such material will have a spiritual impact upon the readers.

Pray for the Holiday Bible Club and the Summer Youth Club, pray that both will be well attended and that they would be a way of teaching young people about God and the Bible. Pray for those giving talks at these clubs; Anna Murphy for the Holiday Bible Club and for Benjamin Agnew as he is a part of the organising panel for Summer Youth. Pray that the speakers will know God's help and guidance and that they would be used as mouthpieces for God.

Newry GO Team Update: Friday

The final day of Newry GO Team opened with devotions, led by Jacob; a good reminder to look out for ‘almost Christians’ and to make sure we ourselves aren’t ‘almost Christians’. The kids were as enthusiastic and lively as they were the first day of the HBC. Ruth tempted the kids not to eat a marshmallow which coincided with her talk as David was tempted to kill Saul in the desert of Engedi. As Newry GO Team tradition the final quiz took place in the form of pie the leader which was very entertaining for all. 
Afterwards the team headed to Friar Tucks for our last meal together. Unfortunately due to the weather the street outreach did not take place. We had a BBQ for the youth in the evening, it was very encouraging to see their parents come and some new faces too.

Please pray that they will attend church and for the public meeting on Monday night.

Sarah Moorcroft

Newry GO Team Update: Thursday

On Thursday we had 23 kids for the holiday Bible club where Janeth taught the children about David being persecuted by Saul. In the afternoon we had some free time to do what we wanted so some of the team went down the town while some just chilled at the hall and went to Nugelato for more ice-cream. In the evening we had 17 teenagers at the summer youth where Ryan Maze was speaking on the topic of abortion. After the talk we had a murder mystery night where poor Benjamin Agnew was brutally murdered but thankfully the teens were able to track down his murderer.

Please praise God for the increase in number at both the holiday Bible club and summer youth and pray that this will continue and that God will be working in the hearts and lives of all those who have attended.

Today was a very special day today for one of our team members. It was Deborah’s 21st birthday so to celebrate we had some birthday cake and sung a very out of tune happy birthday.

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Newry GO Team Update: Tuesday & Wednesday


Tuesday was the first day of the holiday Bible club. 19 children came and were attentive when Nigel told them about David being anointed king by Samuel. The afternoon consisted of leaflet distribution and a bonding trip to Nugelato. In the evening, we had our summer youth in which 11 teenagers attended. We had a talk from Benjamin on shame followed by biddy up and dominos. Please pray for continued growth in both clubs throughout the week.


On Wednesday we had 19 kids for the holiday Bible club, where Yvonne taught the children how David trusted God to defeat Goliath. In the afternoon we had a tea party for the locals in the community where some of the members of the team provided light entertainment and Nigel used our "Facing Giants" poster to show how David points us to Jesus. For the summer youth we had 16 teenagers and one of the Newry church members Alan Keenan gave his testimony and spoke on the challenge of atheism which was followed by the apprentice and ice cream sundaes.

Newry GO Team Update: Monday


This year’s team to Newry consists of 17 members. They are Sarah Moorcroft, Anna Murphy, Deborah Alexander, Eleanor Alexander, Jamie Stewart, Joshua Murphy, Nathan Nelson, Jess Muir, James Heggarty, Emily Robertson, Reuben Agnew, Tabitha Agnew, Benjamin Agnew, Kayley Curtis, Franck Bleijenberg, Jacob Matthess and Faith Moore.

Today began with worship on Psalm 51 which was led by Benjamin Agnew. After morning worship we began preparations for the holiday Bible club, the theme this year is ‘Facing Giants’. We had lunch and then after lunch we went into the local community and distributed booklets called, ‘God’s good news’. Following distribution we continued our discussion on Genesis ch 1-3 and had a time of prayer. Then we had dinner and continued our preparations for holiday Bible club after which we headed back to the Murphy house for a relaxed evening of games and chat.

Prayer points:
1. Pray that people will read the booklets that were distributed today and that they will have a desire to learn more about God
2. Pray for the holiday Bible club and youth club that lots of young people will come and that God will be working in their hearts and lives
3. Pray for safety for both the kids and the GO team members throughout the week

Newry GO Team Update: Sunday


Newry Go Team were welcomed to Newry at the morning service in Riverside church. The congregation provided a church lunch after the service to enable the members to meet the team. After dishes were washed the team made its way to the home of Nigel and Sandra. A walk to Ballylane church was attempted but most got quite wet and had to turn back. After a pizza tea the team watched a 20 minute video highlighting different understandings of Genesis 1-3. A short discussion took place, after which there was a time of psalm singing. After a time of prayer the team members headed back to their respective host families.

Faith Moore

Newry GO Team: Final Update

Please give thanks for the final days of Holiday Bible Club, where we had up to 16 children, including some we had no contact with before. Give thanks for everyone who came to this and heard the word of God.


Please also give thanks for 3 great nights of Summer Youth in which our own young people were challenged & encouraged by talks from John Graham, David Matthess & Peter McCollum, followed by lots of fun.


Give thanks for a positive reception to street outreach on Thursday where 4you magazines were given to passers by with some ensuing conversations. Please continue to pray for the city of Newry that people may respond to the Gospel as presented in the 4you magazine and through various events including the Hebrew Songs & Stories, the Tea Party, the HBC, Summer Youth & street outreach.

Give thanks for the many different ways God showed his favour during the team and please pray that it would bear fruit!