Nantes GO Team Day 9: Saturday

After some rainy spells over breakfast, it was sunny for distribution today as we went out again to the surrounding areas of Nantes and to the downtown apartments. We would like prayer that the Réflexions will reach people hearts.

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After lunch the team headed into Nantes for an afternoon off. We were joined by Laëtitia, a member of the church, and Sandrine, a student whom we meet at English cafe on Thursday evening. These two girls showed us the main sites of Nantes such as the Great Éléphant, the Châtear, and the Cathédrale, as well as pointing out fun facts about Nantes. There were some mishaps along the tour as team members being slower walkers than other but we all survived the journey. 

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After the Cathédrale some team members had a go on some of the rides at a local fair ground before we headed for dinner at the Hippopotamus. 

The meal was lovely dispite some communication problems but everyone got fed. We were having a lot of fun before realising what time it was and decided to head home for the night. Today was a good day and definitely worth it.


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Nantes GO Team Day 8: Friday

Today was our last full day of distribution, and we were thankful that it stayed dry for most of the day, and we got a good number of Reflexions given out. Pray that those who received them would read them, be challenged by them and want to find out more.

In the evening we had the youth club for the teenagers. We played some games together first, which we all enjoyed Eileanoir and Jamie gave their testimonies and Malcom gave a gospel message. Give thanks for the young people who came and pray that they would remember what they heard and that God would be working in their lives.

After youth club Heather and Judith went with a local pastor to meet with some prostitutes. Pray that they would be able to bring the hope of the gospel into their terrible situation.

Pray that God would grant good weather for distribution tomorrow morning, and for good weather and safety as we travel around Nantes in the afternoon.

Nantes GO Team Day 7: Thursday

Today begin with a trip to the local market. Both the Lytle and Ball houses met to sing Psalms and several people stopped to listen which was encouraging, including one boy from Matthieu's class with his mum. We had some support from the local church folks which contributed well to our making a joyful noise even when the rain tried to dampen our spirits. After an early lunch we headed out to distribute more reflexions, dodging the hail and rain showers along the way.

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Thursday evening was the time for English cafe. Andrew had organised an exciting quiz which became very competitive as the two teams were so evenly matched. It was neck and neck and ended in a draw. The people who turned up were interested in what we were doing in Nantes and we explained that we were helping out at the church. Please pray that Andrew would find an opportunity to talk about the things of God with them and that God would open their hearts to receive his word.

We had a lovely meal prepared by Heather and we would like to express our appreciation to all the church folks who have been so hospitable, in particular our host families who have made so many sacrifices to ensure our comfort this past week. We have enjoyed good food and great company. Others have helped with distribution which has lightened our work load.

Nantes GO Team Day 6: Wednesday

The wet weather has arrived in Nantes but it wasn't bad enough to stop us as we went out again in the morning to distribute Réflexions around apartments and areas at the edge of Nantes.

For lunch we did something different, we went to a cookery restaurant and cooked our own meal of chicken and noodles. It was greatly enjoyed by all the team and was a success as we managed not to give each other food poisoning!

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In the afternoon the sun came out and the grey damp morning turned to wonderful blue sky which made distribution much more enjoyable. 

In the evening we ventured out to the Hefts, for dinner. After a time of fellowship around the meal table, Andrew took our third Bible study on Titus 3:1-8, a challenging message that exhorts us to remember our identity. It tells us what we were before we were saved as well as what we are in Christ, and how everything we do is for the glory of God as we remember this. 

Give thanks for the many homes that have received the magazine and please pray that God would soften people's hearts as they read and want to know more.

Please also pray that weather would be favourable so we can give out more tomorrow.

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Nantes GO Team Day 3: Sunday

It was wonderful to be here for the weekend and to worship with the congregation here in Nantes.

After the service we enjoyed a church lunch with an amazing selection of food. Jamie and Vanessa particularly enjoyed the beignets. We took it in turns to introduce ourselves to the people here and it was encouraging to get to know the church community.

We spent the afternoon playing with Mathieu before going to Mel's house for pizza. In the evening we had our first Bible study. Our topic is The Path to Godliness. Please pray that we will be blessed as we study the book of Titus during our time here.


Nantes GO Team Day 2: Saturday

This morning, most of us helped with the children's club while others started distributing copies of Réflexions. The children's club was really encouraging: one child wanted a copy of the psalms we sang and another told Malcolm on the way home that "c'était trop cool!"

After lunch we all went out to distribute magazines. In spite of the fact that the forecast predicted rain, it stayed dry, and we were able to make good progress. Please pray that this good weather will continue so we can keep making progress without the leaflets getting wet!

Nantes GO Team Day 1: Friday

After a very early start we arrived in Nantes and were greeted by Malcolm and Heather. We got settled in and busied ourselves preparing for the Saint Patrick themed Soirée. This was a wonderful experience: there was a great turnout and a warm atmosphere. The locals seemed to enjoy "les gateaux irlandais"!

Andrew gave a short address on myths and facts about Saint Patrick. The attendees were able to get involved with deciding which statements were true and which were false and Andrew explained that all Christians are saints, set apart for a special purpose.

Please pray that those who attended from the community will be touched by the message and want to learn more about the Gospel.

Nantes GO Team: Day 7 (Friday)

Give thanks for another lovely day in Nantes and for all the help God gave the team as they gave out magazines this morning and this afternoon. They have now given out over 40,000 leaflets! In the evening they were at Malcolm's house and Priscilla's house for dinner and coffee.

The team also helped with the church youth club in the evening, where Arnau and Elizabeth were interviewed. Give thanks for God's help as they spoke.

Please pray:

  • For the children's club tomorrow, which the girls will be helping at
  • That Lydia would have safety as she travels home
  • For God's grace as the team aim to finish off the rest of the magazine distribution

Nantes GO Team: Day 6 (Thursday)

Today was another sunny day in Nantes - perfect weather for a trip to sing at the market! While most of the team sang psalms, Malcolm and Graham chatted with those who gathered and gave them copies of Réflexions

In the afternoon, the team were back on the streets again, this time in Sautron (an area that is far from the city centre). 

The church in Nantes runs an English café, where students who want to improve their English can come and practice. The team attended this and spent time getting to know the students while taking part in a quiz that Andrew had prepared.

Tomorrow will be another day of distribution, followed by youth club in the evening. Please pray for Arnau and Elizabeth as they give their testimonies to the young people.

Nantes GO Team: Day 5 (Wednesday)

Today was a lighter day after the hard work of Tuesday. The team had a great time of fellowship with each other as they met at L'atelier de la Chef (Chef's workshop) to see which member of the team is the best cook. They learned all sorts of valuable lessons like how to cut onions without crying and how to cook chicken without losing its flavour.

The afternoon was spent giving out Réflexions before dining with Joel and Josiann from the congregation. This was a good chance to try some traditional French food, including Galleta (a Brittany dish). The team really enjoyed getting to know Joel and Josiann more and had a great evening of chat and laughter. Give thanks for this fellowship which the team enjoyed.

On Thursday morning, the team will be singing in the market while Malcolm and others will be speaking to those who gather. Please pray that God would use this for his glory.