Glenmanus GO Team

The team spent last week serving together in Portrush as they handed out invitations to evangelistic services and helped to organise a Holiday Bible Club. It was clear as the week went on that the team bonded really well, as could be seen in the sing songs in the car on the way to leaflet distribution! 

God was good to the team, giving them the energy and weather to get all 5000 invitations given out. He also provided them with encouragements at the Holiday Bible Club, as the children listened carefully to the story of Joshua, and did a great job of learning the memory verse they had been given. On the Thursday evening, their parents came along and the congregation's minister, Samuel McCollum, had the chance to explain the memory verse to them.

Please pray that God would use the story of Joshua in order to challenge these children and their parents. Please also pray that people would come along to the evangelistic services which run from Tuesday to Thursday of this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit would use David Whitla's preaching to awaken those who attend.

Glenmanus Go Team: The Latest

Here is an update from Philip one of the members of the Glenmanus Go Team. 

Oh do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the Portrush.

"It's Wednesday morning and we are currently half way through the week. Team members include Grace Kennedy, Charis Wilson, Jean Martin, Olivia Holland, John McCullough and Philip Coulter and we have all been working very hard. Our main task for the week is to give out 5000 leaflets in Portrush and Portstewart inviting people to the Glenmanus Summer Bible Readings. These are taking place from Tuesday 4th - Thursday 6th July when Rev. David Whitla will speak on the topic "When the Son of Man comes." To date we have given out over 3000 leaflets and hope to get the rest given out over the next couple of days. 

We have also been helping to run the Kids Bible Club. Although the numbers have been smaller this year we are enjoying getting to know the kids. It has been really encouraging how well they have been listening during the talks."

Give thanks

  • For the invitations given out so far.
  • The children who have come to the Kids Bible Club.


  • That more children would come to the Kids Bible Club especially children who have been before.
  • On Thursday afternoon the Go Team will be coming up with the new programme for the Friendship Group. Pray for new ideas.
  • That people would accept the invitation to come to Summer Bible Readings next week.
  • That people in the local area would be converted and added to the church.