Bailiesmills GO Team

Bailiesmills held their Holiday Bible Club from the 19th-23rd June. Amy McCollum, John McCullough, Stuart McCaughan, Jonny Scott, Sam McDonald, Elizabeth Edwards, Amanda Pettigrew, and Rachel Pettigrew joined with the congregation to help them with their the club.

Give thanks for:

  • The good number of children who came each evening. There were more than 30 most nights.
  • How the leaders were able to show Jesus to the children as they looked at the story of Joseph.
  • The children's eagerness to learn the Bible verses.
  • The new contacts that where made with families.
  • Some children who want to attend Sabbath School.

Pray for:

  • Enthusiasm from the children to come to Sabbath School.
  • Opportunities to build relationships with these children and their families during the Saturday Bible club that runs once a month throughout the rest of the year.