Cookstown GO Team Update: Wednesday

The Cookstown GO Team began yesterday (8th August) and is set to run until Saturday (11th August). The team is made up of nine members, they are: Liam Richardson, Charis Wilson, Anna Coulter, Hannah Fallows, Rebekah Moore, Jill Greer, Henry Greer, Rachel Stephens and Caroline Barr.

Liam Richardson led the team in a bible study focusing on ‘Boldness’ to prepare them for the work ahead. Following this, the team immediately put into practice what they had learnt as they engaged in some door-to-door work and leaflet distribution for the upcoming public meeting planned for Friday. The title of the meeting is: ‘Abortion in NI: Not a viable option’. In the afternoon the team spent some time helping to clean up the Cookstown church premises.


Prayer Points:

Please pray for the contacts made on door-to-door, and that people would come to the meeting on Friday. Pray that God would be at work in the hearts of those met on the doors and in the hearts of those who attend the meeting.

Please pray for the neighbours of the church as they helped in the clean up and joined the team for tea and with whom the team made good conversation.

Please pray for Caroline, a lady who left the church last year. She contacted Paul yesterday and is keen to attending Friday’s meeting. Pray that God would make Himself known to her and that she would start coming again to Sunday services.