Cloughmills GO Team Update: Tuesday

This years team to Cloughmills consists of eleven members from as far as Washington DC, USA. They are: Thomas Jemphrey, Rachel Jemphrey, Elia Martin, Liam Martin, Jessica Muir, Georgie Allen, Ieuan McDonnell, John McCullough, Laramie Carey, Nathan Nelson and Anna Murphy.

Monday was spent setting up the church for the Holiday Bible Club run for children during the day, planning activities and individual responsibilities and spending time as a team getting to know each other better through bowling and mini golf concluded with roasting marshmallows over the fire pit at the Forgrave’s home. Tuesday saw the first day of the Bible Club happen, with a successful new format to teaching the children and a very high initial turnout with over 50 children. The evening youth club for teenagers also had its first day, with a lower than usual turnout of teenagers. Time was spent afterwards reflecting and singing as a team, as well as rehearsing different acts for the Pensioners Tea Party which takes place on the Wednesday.


Please pray that the good weather would continue.

Please pray for Anne, Linda and Andrea as they continue to lead the Bible Club as well as they have been and they would continue to plan the new format effectively.

Please pray that there would be a higher turnout of teenagers in the evening.

Please pray the children would take the message to heart and spread what they’ve heard with family and friends.

Please pray for continued unity among the team and also that the team would grow spiritually through the Bible Studies with Joel Loughridge and continue to encourage one another in Christ while serving together during the week.

Pray for other activities happening during the week - Parents & Toddlers on Wednesday morning, Pensioners' Tea Party on Wednesday afternoon & Fun Day on Friday.

Nathan Nelson