Galway GO Team Update: Monday & Tuesday

The final Bible study on Monday morning focused on ‘Give us this day our daily bread’. The complete dependence of all people on God was considered. The team also focused on how Christians need to recognise the many good things that come from God. Following this the team continued to distribute the ‘4You’ magazine.

In the afternoon the bookshop was manned by James and Daniel. Additionally, a stall was set up on Shop Street and it provided free Christian literature to anyone who wanted it. This stall was overseen by Patrick, Elisabeth, Bethany and Rachel. The remainder of the team attempted to do some door-to-door work. A questionnaire was utilised around the doors to spark conversations and to see what people believed concerning; the problems of the world, God, Jesus and the Bible. Many people were willing to chat and several good and encouraging conversations were had.

Mr. Matthew Brennan spoke in the evening at the arranged public meeting. He spoke openly concerning his upbringing through an orphanage and the abuse he suffered and the resulting long-term impacts of the abuse. Matthew pointed to how God provided for him and guided him towards a sure and certain hope. He even showed how God has used his bad experiences of life to help others struggling with similar problems. Those that attended the meeting stayed behind and spoke with the congregation and team.

The team met for breakfast on Tuesday morning in a nearby restaurant before travelling back home.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks for the week and for God’s provision throughout the week. Give thanks that the weather was favourable and dry when the team was out.

Give thanks that 2000 ‘What is the Point of Life?’ booklets were distributed and give thanks that 1500 ‘4You’ magazines were also distributed. Pray that they would be read, and God would use them to open people’s eyes.

Pray for those that spoke to the team at the book stall or on the doors. Pray that people would consider the questions posed and that the Spirit would be at work in their lives.

Pray for those that attended Matthew’s talk and pray that they would be convicted by what they have heard. Pray that they too would desire to have this same sure and certain hope through Christ.