Galway GO Team Update: Sunday

Rev. Peter Jemphrey preached on the parable of the Persistent Widow (Luke 18) in the morning service. He showed how Christians ought to remember God’s identity and their own identity in Christ whilst praying to God. Following the service there was a church lunch which was well attended. Many from the congregation remained to meet the team. Additionally, several newcomers were out at church, some were tourists whilst some were new students in the area.


Due to bad weather, the team was unable to get out to do street ministry in the afternoon. Instead the team took some time to relax.

In the evening the church bible study was again on the Lord’s Prayer. This time the petition ‘your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ was studied. The implications of complete surrender to God’s will were considered at length. After the bible study, the GO Team were interviewed for the benefit of the congregation. Each team member had to share one encouragement and one discouragement that they have faced in their Christian lives. The hope was that each listener could identify with and be encouraged by the team’s answers as the GO Team showed great honesty in their answers.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks to God for the blessing of His day. Give thanks for the preaching of the word in Galway and give thanks for the time of fellowship enjoyed after the service. Give thanks for the visitors and students that came to church and pray that they would feel blessed by their time with the congregation.

Pray that the team would have strength to see out their last full day of work on Monday.

Pray again that Monday’s public meeting would be well attended. Pray that God would be with Mr. Matthew Brennan and that the Spirit would be working in the lives of the listeners.

Pray for those who have received literature through the doors. Pray that they would read either the booklet or the magazine and that their eyes could be opened by God.