Galway GO Team Update: Saturday

Friday’s Bible Study focused on the line ‘Your Kingdom Come’ from the Lord’s Prayer. We focused on what this meant for our lives and the reality of God’s Kingdom for those that we would interact with. Following this the team distributed the remaining ‘What’s the Point of Life’ booklets. We also distributed a Magazine called ‘4You’ which is an Irish Christian Magazine.

After lunch the team continued distribution. Stephen and Bethany were covering the bookshop. Once again in the evening the team engaged in some open-air preaching. Billy Hamilton spoke first on ‘What are you Worth?’. Stephen Fallows then spoke concerning four different hearts that people in the world can have. Peter Jemphrey spoke last on the Titanic and how we can learn lessons from It to avoid an even greater tragedy in our own lives. Many people stopped and listened for parts of the talks but very few remained for the whole duration of the talks.

The evening was closed with some team devotions and prayer.

Prayer Points;

Give thanks for the many booklets given out. Pray that people would read them and seek to find out more and would get in contact with the congregation.

Pray that the Galway congregation would be encouraged by the presence of the GO Team this week and pray that the team members could benefit from meeting the congregation.

Pray that those who listened to the open-air talks would think about what they heard and that the Spirit would be at work in the lives.

Pray that people would respond to the invites for Mr. Matthew Brennan’s public meeting on ‘Orphaned, Institutionalised, and Alone: A Sligo Man’s Journey to Hope’. Pray that God would be with Matthew as he prepares for the meeting.