Milford & Letterkenny GO Team (Wednesday & Thursday)

One key aspect of this GO Team has been the time that we have spent together in prayer. We have spent time praising God for his character and works, praying for him to build up his kingdom in Donegal, and interceding for fellow believers as they seek to serve him. It has been helpful to consider what Scripture has to say about prayer, and to use some of the examples of prayer it gives us as aids to help us in our praying.

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We're thankful for how God has greatly helped us in the Holiday Bible Club over the last two days. On Wednesday Laramie explained how Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12) and on Thursday Ben taught the children that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). The children have continued to listen well and even though the clouds have been threatening, we are thankful for dry weather. Quite a number of parents have spent time milling about at the park and this has provided us with great opportunities to talk with them.


We've also spent time going from door to door in Milford in order to speak with them about the place of the gospel in Ireland today. God has blessed us with some interesting conversations and we are praying that the very fact we took the time to knock on people's doors would lead them to read one of the four gospels.

On Wednesday evening we met at the Loughridge's home for dinner and had a second evening of discussion. This time we shared some of our favourite verses and books of the Bible. It was especially encouraging to hear people share how God has used particular passages in painful and testing moments of their lives. We also discussed practical tips for making the most of our daily devotions. It has been encouraging throughout this week to open up with one another, whether by sharing our testimonies or by discussing our walks with God.

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On Thursday evening, Billy & Anne welcomed us to their home and we enjoyed getting to know them better. The team's resident mechanic particularly enjoyed some very technical discussion about farm machinery!

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Tomorrow is the final day of the Holiday Bible Club and some of the children will be away. However please pray that we would still have a good turnout. 

Rebekah will be teaching the children that Jesus is the good shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work through her.

In the evening we will be attending a Milford congregational BBQ. Please pray that this would be an encouraging time of fellowship and pray that those who have been especially invited would also come along.

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