Milford & Letterkenny GO Team (Tuesday)

Tuesday morning, after morning worship and prayers for the day's events, we finalised the preparations for the first Holiday Bible Club of the week. The theme of our HBC is the "I Am"s of Jesus.

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We began the week with Jonny's talk on Jesus as the Bread of Life with Rebekah in charge of the corresponding memory verse. The weather was quite pleasant if a bit grey but it didn't bother the children in the slightest, they were too engrossed into the story of feeding the five thousand!

In the afternoon, we set up for the Lunch Bunch involving a fun table quiz which included a round of Dingbats, a music round and an animal facts round. There was a lot of fun had in the quiz with a lot of conversations being struck up. Mark Loughridge gave an epilogue on the conversion of Mitsuo Fuchita, the man who led the attack on Pearl Harbour, from bitterness to love and forgiveness and he challenged us to do likewise. Following this, the winners of the quiz were announced and awarded with chocolates.

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We decided to rest up a bit before venturing off to Laramie's house for dinner. There, we were fed like kings with a large selection of meals, including six different types of fish which caught Ben's attention! Some friends and family joined us for the food and fellowship and seemed to get along quite well with our group and joined in with our games. It was encouraging to hear more of what God has been doing in people's lives.

By the end of the night, Oisin had accumulated a large collection of crackers which he was most pleased about!

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Laramie Carey