Newry GO Team Update: Friday

The final day of Newry GO Team opened with devotions, led by Jacob; a good reminder to look out for ‘almost Christians’ and to make sure we ourselves aren’t ‘almost Christians’. The kids were as enthusiastic and lively as they were the first day of the HBC. Ruth tempted the kids not to eat a marshmallow which coincided with her talk as David was tempted to kill Saul in the desert of Engedi. As Newry GO Team tradition the final quiz took place in the form of pie the leader which was very entertaining for all. 
Afterwards the team headed to Friar Tucks for our last meal together. Unfortunately due to the weather the street outreach did not take place. We had a BBQ for the youth in the evening, it was very encouraging to see their parents come and some new faces too.

Please pray that they will attend church and for the public meeting on Monday night.

Sarah Moorcroft