Milford & Letterkenny GO Team (Sunday & Monday)

Thanks so much for praying: we've had a really great start to the Letterkenny and Milford GO team. The team consists of Ben Matthess, Laramie Carey, Rebekah Moore, Georgie Allen, Oisin McDonnell, and Anna Coulter. 

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In the afternoon, we spent an hour distributing invitations for the Bible club which is scheduled to run this Tuesday to Friday. 

Members of both Letterkenny and Milford met with the team in Milford RPC for a time of praise and prayer in the evening followed by a time of fellowship. 


Monday brought with it a day of preparation for the events scheduled for the rest of the week. In the morning, the team met at Jonny and Ruth's for a time of prayer. We spent time praising God for his character, using Scripture to help us in our praying, and focusing on specific needs of members of the congregation.


Talks were then prepared, the church was cleaned, and quizzes and games were planned. A lot of artistic effort and thought went into our memory verses for the week! 

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Lisa and Sergio kindly invited the team for dinner, and we spent time discussing the ways in which each of us had become Christians. It was so encouraging to see how God has been working in our lives and we have lots of reasons to praise him! We're praying that God would use these times of encouragement to spur us on and to spur on members of both congregations. Later in the week we'll be spending time discussing aspects of living the Christian life and we're looking forward to more encouragements.


Give thanks for the great fun and fellowship had by all the team so far, and the safety in travel to Donegal. 

Please pray for good numbers at the Bible club, and that that God would speak to each of the children through the talks on the great "I am"s of Scripture. Pray for good weather as the club is held outdoors in a local park. 

Pray that the Lunch Bunch scheduled for Tuesday would run smoothly, that the quiz would be enjoyed by all, and good conversations would be had between the team and the older folk. 

Pray that more contacts in the community would be made through the door to door work which will take place later in the week DV. 

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