Gateway GO Team: Thursday

In the morning, half the team helped run the final kids club. Today saw another increase in kids on our final day of the club. The other team members spent some time doing more door-to-door work. All pairs had at least one conversation and some pairs had more than one. 

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In the afternoon the team did some open air evangelism in the centre of Derry. Psalm 103, 139 and 23 were sang and explained. Anne Neilly gave her testimony. Stephen Neilly spoke about the two gates in life, the two paths of life and the two companies of life. Several passerbys lingered and some spoke to us. 

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In the evening the team met the rest of the Gateway congregation for a fellowship lunch. After the meal the team members spoke on their reflections from the team, including encouragements and challenges from the team. 

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Prayer points

- Give thanks for the kids that attended the club throughout the week. Give thanks for their enthusiasm and pray that they would remember the stories and lessons. Also pray for the parents that attended and that they would benefit from what they heard.

- Give thanks for several good and encouraging conversations on the door. Pray for the lady we met who has recently began to read the bible and pray that what we spoke about would stick with her. Pray that the Spirit would be at work in all the conversations we have had this week.

- Pray that those who listened to the open air evangelism would think about what they heard and would be convicted by the Spirit. 

- Give thanks for the time of fellowship with the congregation in the evening and pray that the team members and congregation would be encouraged by the reflections.

- Pray for tomorrow's meeting. Pray for a good crowd and that he would be pleased to speak through Mark and Judith.

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