Newry GO Team Update: Tuesday & Wednesday


Tuesday was the first day of the holiday Bible club. 19 children came and were attentive when Nigel told them about David being anointed king by Samuel. The afternoon consisted of leaflet distribution and a bonding trip to Nugelato. In the evening, we had our summer youth in which 11 teenagers attended. We had a talk from Benjamin on shame followed by biddy up and dominos. Please pray for continued growth in both clubs throughout the week.


On Wednesday we had 19 kids for the holiday Bible club, where Yvonne taught the children how David trusted God to defeat Goliath. In the afternoon we had a tea party for the locals in the community where some of the members of the team provided light entertainment and Nigel used our "Facing Giants" poster to show how David points us to Jesus. For the summer youth we had 16 teenagers and one of the Newry church members Alan Keenan gave his testimony and spoke on the challenge of atheism which was followed by the apprentice and ice cream sundaes.