Gateway GO Team: Tuesday

We were a bit disappointed with the attendance at the Holiday Bible Club, but we're thankful for those whom God sent. The boys who came had an enjoyable time and we're so pleased to see how they engaged with the memory verse. 

The congregation is hosting a public meeting on Friday. It's subject is Choosing Life or Death and deals with the topic of abortion. Please pray for a good turn out at this meeting.

Derry team 2.jpeg

After lunch we engaged in some door-to-door work using questionnaires. We gave out leaflets introducing people to Gateway Christian Fellowship and personal invitations to the public meeting on Friday.  

The day ended with dinner at the Neilly's followed by a relaxed evening of games.

Derry team 1.jpeg

Prayer points:

- Pray that more children will attend the Bible Club. Pray especially that parents who said their children would come would send them. 

- Give thanks for the conversations on the doors and those willing to engage with us. Pray that they would be thinking about the conversations they had and pray that the Spirit would be at work in their lives.

- Pray that a good number of people would attend the abortion meeting and that God would use Mark Loughridge and Judith Tait to get the truth across.