Cookstown GO Team Update: Friday

Liam Richardson lead the team in his final bible study to begin the day. The main text was 1 Peter 5 and the study centred upon humility and the importance of having the right understanding of who God is. The study also looked at who we are by nature and how we are saved in order for the team to grow in humility. The team was also reminded of how vital prayer and active resistance of the devil are in the Christian life.

The remainder of the morning was taken up by distributing the final leaflets and the team had some relaxation time in the afternoon.

The church was packed for the evening meeting with 101 people present. At least 8 members of the Roman Catholic community were in attendance.

Prayer Points:

Thanksgiving for the great numbers of people in attendance who are not Christians, pray that they would start to attend church on the Sabbath and come to know Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

Pray for the continuance of the work in Cookstown and the further activities and meetings they plan to host in the coming weeks and months.