Cloughmills GO Team Update: End of Week


We arrived on Friday morning ready for another busy day ahead. The day started with our usual devotions and team time, followed by setting up for our family fun day. We had many different stalls such as inflatables, face painting, penalty shoot out, whack the rat, hoop throw, slushies and much more for our pea fair. The crowds started arriving at 10am with a total of 58 children and 24 adults. Everyone fully enjoyed a morning of fun activities despite a few showers of rain. The fun day was finished off by a re-cap on the weeks talks by Joel Loughridge.

The team had lunch and a power nap before starting an afternoon of studying the topic of prayer led by Peter Dundee. We looked at the Lord’s Prayer and spent time thanking God for how well the week had gone, praying for the children and pensioners we had met during the week’s activities and praying for ourselves. Even though the Go Team were weary from their busy week everyone managed to stay awake and learn much from Peter’s seminar.

After our discussion we had a quick turn around to grab dinner and get on the bus with the teens to head to Ballypatrick forest just outside Ballycastle for an evening of team games. We played a variety of games such as capture the flag and scavenger hunt. There were a few scraped and bruised legs but everyone thoroughly enjoyed their evening. We finished off the trip by going to the sea front and getting a chippy. This was a great end to teens club and resulted in some great conversations on the bus between the Go Team members and teens of Cloughmills. 

The Go Team spent the rest of the evening at the Forgrave’s roasting marshmallows on the fire pit and gazing at the stars in the clear sky above. 


To finish off the week, the Go Team all met for one final time and went out for breakfast in a local restaurant. After everyone was stuffed from their delicious fry, they said their goodbyes and went on their way home. 

We’re thankful for God having blessed our week in the numbers we’ve had at all the events, good weather, safety, how the team have worked well together and how he has blessed each team member by drawing them closer to him and teaching them new truths from his word. As a congregation we are very thankful to have this opportunity to have this concentrated week of outreach in reaching out to the community and building further relations with those who live in it and sharing the gospel with them. We pray that God will bless the work that we are doing for him in furthering his kingdom. 

Lauren Forgrave