Nantes GO Team Day 9: Saturday

After some rainy spells over breakfast, it was sunny for distribution today as we went out again to the surrounding areas of Nantes and to the downtown apartments. We would like prayer that the Réflexions will reach people hearts.

Nantes A1.jpeg

After lunch the team headed into Nantes for an afternoon off. We were joined by Laëtitia, a member of the church, and Sandrine, a student whom we meet at English cafe on Thursday evening. These two girls showed us the main sites of Nantes such as the Great Éléphant, the Châtear, and the Cathédrale, as well as pointing out fun facts about Nantes. There were some mishaps along the tour as team members being slower walkers than other but we all survived the journey. 

Nante A2.jpeg

After the Cathédrale some team members had a go on some of the rides at a local fair ground before we headed for dinner at the Hippopotamus. 

The meal was lovely dispite some communication problems but everyone got fed. We were having a lot of fun before realising what time it was and decided to head home for the night. Today was a good day and definitely worth it.


Nantes A6.jpeg