Nantes GO Team Day 7: Thursday

Today begin with a trip to the local market. Both the Lytle and Ball houses met to sing Psalms and several people stopped to listen which was encouraging, including one boy from Matthieu's class with his mum. We had some support from the local church folks which contributed well to our making a joyful noise even when the rain tried to dampen our spirits. After an early lunch we headed out to distribute more reflexions, dodging the hail and rain showers along the way.

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Thursday evening was the time for English cafe. Andrew had organised an exciting quiz which became very competitive as the two teams were so evenly matched. It was neck and neck and ended in a draw. The people who turned up were interested in what we were doing in Nantes and we explained that we were helping out at the church. Please pray that Andrew would find an opportunity to talk about the things of God with them and that God would open their hearts to receive his word.

We had a lovely meal prepared by Heather and we would like to express our appreciation to all the church folks who have been so hospitable, in particular our host families who have made so many sacrifices to ensure our comfort this past week. We have enjoyed good food and great company. Others have helped with distribution which has lightened our work load.