Nantes GO Team Day 6: Wednesday

The wet weather has arrived in Nantes but it wasn't bad enough to stop us as we went out again in the morning to distribute Réflexions around apartments and areas at the edge of Nantes.

For lunch we did something different, we went to a cookery restaurant and cooked our own meal of chicken and noodles. It was greatly enjoyed by all the team and was a success as we managed not to give each other food poisoning!

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In the afternoon the sun came out and the grey damp morning turned to wonderful blue sky which made distribution much more enjoyable. 

In the evening we ventured out to the Hefts, for dinner. After a time of fellowship around the meal table, Andrew took our third Bible study on Titus 3:1-8, a challenging message that exhorts us to remember our identity. It tells us what we were before we were saved as well as what we are in Christ, and how everything we do is for the glory of God as we remember this. 

Give thanks for the many homes that have received the magazine and please pray that God would soften people's hearts as they read and want to know more.

Please also pray that weather would be favourable so we can give out more tomorrow.

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