Nantes GO Team Day 5: Tuesday

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Today brought more distribution of Réflexions and although the rain came in the morning, this did not stop the team! Many letterboxes were filled and we also the opportunity to have interesting conversations with residents. 

In the afternoon the sun began to appear as more Réflexions were delivered throughout the city. The team then gathered together for dinner at Joel and Josiann's from the congregation. It was a lovely evening full of laughter, great company and delicious food enjoyed by all. 

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Prayer Points: 

1. That God would be with the team as they deliver Réflexions and that they would be well received by those who read them. 
2. That good weather would continue for distribution and singing in the market on Thursday morning.
3. For all those who have responded to the Réflexions whether positive or negative that God will touch their hearts and use them for his glory.