Milford & Letterkenny GO Team: Day 6 (Friday)

This is our final update of the week, and we are very conscious of how the Lord has been with us in all the activities we have taken part in over the course of the team.

Our hearts were moved this morning as we began our time of prayer by praising God in light of some passages in Revelation that speak particularly clearly and vividly about the worthiness of Jesus Christ the Son of God. This time of adoration also fed into our time of intercession; it is our prayer that the people we spent the morning praying for would come to see the glories of Christ Jesus for themselves.

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After our prayer time, we set out for the Holiday Bible Club. The sky was far from encouraging, but thankfully it stayed dry for our first set of games. However, it wasn't long until the heavens opened and we had to quickly set up a shelter for the singing, memory verse, and story. Sometimes being on a GO Team can mean serving in unglamorous ways - like holding up a tarpaulin in the rain so the children stay dry!


Thankfully God enabled us to keep on going with the club in spite of the awful weather. Mark Loughridge challenged the children to follow Christ as he explained the parable of the wise and foolish builders.

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After lunch it was time to finish off our study of Tactics. Give thanks to God for this time of discussing how we can best give an answer for the hope that is within us. Since the weather had dried up, we also set out to give out some more invitations to church. This time, we went to Kerrykeel, a town just a few miles north of Milford. Give thanks in particular for one interesting conversation and pray that even though it ended quite abruptly, that God would use it in order to change this man's heart.

DSC_0661 BBQ prep.jpg

We asked you to pray that it would stay dry for the BBQ and thankfully it did. However, the rain never seemed far away and it was a grey, miserable sort of night, so there were fewer people there than in previous years. We were encouraged by a number of people who did come, for whom we were specifically praying, so please join with us in thanking God for that.

It's hard to believe that the team is now over! We've taught stories, memory verses, and psalms to the children, held Bible studies, visited a nursing home, discussed apologetics, and knocked on doors. Yet, our most important work by far was coming before the throne of grace each morning in order to plead with God to advance his kingdom in Donegal. Please pray along with us that he would do this for his glory!

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