Milford & Letterkenny GO Team: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Once again, we began our morning with prayer - praising God for his character and his works, and praying specifically for members of Letterkenny and for the conversion those who are in some way connected with the congregation. 

After this important work, we set out again to the local play park for the second day of our Holiday Bible Club. Give thanks for how it stayed dry the whole way through the club. We had 22 children again with some new faces among them.

HBC ball.jpg
Memory verse 2.jpg

This morning Patrick Hamilton did the story, explaining the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector. Please pray that God would free these young people from the pride that blinds sinners to their true spiritual condition.

Patrick story 1.jpg

This afternoon, we went into Letterkenny in order to deliver invitations to church. David also had the opportunity to visit with one of the members of Letterkenny who has been in hospital for a couple of months. Give thanks for how encouraging this time was. There was just time before dinner to squeeze in the latest session of our book discussion on Tactics by Gregory Koukl.


Once again we spent the evening with Letterkenny’s youth group, so after a delicious dinner, we set out to play a round of footgolf. For those who aren't familiar with this fairly new sport, it's exactly what it sounds like - players kick a football along a golf course and try to get it into the hole. Again, we were so thankful to God for the dry weather he gave us to enjoy this activity.

Jonny kicking.jpg
Bethan golf.jpg

Unfortunately for different reasons, some of the young people have had to miss different events we have held this week, so please pray that they would be able to come to the bible study and games on Thursday night. Having said that, we are encouraged by how our work with the young people has gone this week and are especially thankful for a number of encouraging and profitable conversations.

Please pray for tomorrow’s activities - Jonny will be speaking at the Holiday Bible Club on the parable of the hidden treasure, we will be distributing more invitations in the afternoon, and David will be leading the evening bible study on Jesus healing the blind man at Bethsaida.