Milford & Letterkenny GO Team: Day 5 (Thursday)

We are very thankful for God's goodness to us over this week so far - as we look back over the last 5 days, we are able to see different encouragements God has provided us with on each of those days.

By this point in the week, we're well settled into our routine. We meet in Jonny & Ruth's house at 9am and spend just over an hour praying. We have been using different materials to help us remain focused during our prayers and to help us follow some of the biblical patterns for prayers. These materials include lists of promises God has given to the church, lists of verses that speak of his glory and power, and lists of prayer points relating to the mission of the two congregations.

This morning we spent time praying in light of Psalms 146-150, before praying for Ireland, which has fewer gospel preaching churches than any other country in the English speaking world. We prayed by name for different brothers and sisters we know who are serving in other parts of the country. We also prayed for the conversion of family members and friends who are connected to the Milford congregation.

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For the first time this week we had to deal with rain during the Holiday Bible Club. Thankfully it wasn't wet enough to hold the children back, and 26 arrived this morning, so we set up a shelter and had a great time! This morning Jonny was explaining the parable of the hidden treasure. Please pray that the young people would come to see the all surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ.

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The weather went downhill after lunch, so we had to hold back on giving out more invitations to church. That wasn't a problem though, as we took some extra time to continue with our study of Tactics and to discuss how we engage with those who question our faith. 

Thankfully there was a break in the rain and we were able to get out onto the streets of Letterkenny. There weren't many conversations that seemed noteworthy, but please pray that these personal encounters would make people more likely to come along to services.

After dinner, it was time for the last of our evenings with the teenage group. In our bible study we looked at how Jesus healed the blind man in Bethsaida, and how this illustrates the Holy Spirit giving us spiritual vision. It was very encouraging to hear those who were present interacting with the text. After the study we enjoyed making our own delicious, but very unhealthy milkshakes.

Prayer points

  • Pray for good weather for tomorrow's Holiday Bible Club and especially for the community BBQ
  • Pray that many local residents would come along to the BBQ, especially those who have been there in the past
  • Give thanks for the teenagers who have been at our evening events this week and pray that God would graciously enable them to walk in his ways in spite of the pressures they face
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