Milford & Letterkenny GO Team: Day 2 (Monday)

This was a day of getting ready for the events of this week, and starting into the most important aspect of our work - interceding with God for the advancement of his kingdom.

With the encouragement that not one word of God's promises has failed (Joshua 23:14), we spent the morning in prayer. Our focus today was on adoring God for his nature and works, using the promises of Scripture to inform our prayer requests, and praying for the work of brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving in other churches in Donegal.

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The morning and early afternoon were spent in preparation for the rest of the week. Holiday Bible Club games, memory verses, and psalms were prepared, the hall was set up for Tuesday's Lunch Bunch, and the musical members of team rehearsed for tomorrow's entertainment.

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Next, we made a start into giving out invitations to church around homes in the community. Over 100,000 people in Donegal live outside of built up areas. This can make reaching them a difficult and time consuming task and it is easy to overlook them by focusing exclusively on towns and villages. This afternoon the team focused on very rural areas, and while this means fewer invitations were given out, the homes we reached need the gospel as well.


After this afternoon's work, we enjoyed the kind hospitality of one of the families belonging to the Milford congregation. In the evening we met up with Letterkenny's young people for a bible study on the woman who anointed Jesus' feet. We finished the evening by playing games and concocting new delicacies on a raclette.