Newry GO Team: Final Update

Please give thanks for the final days of Holiday Bible Club, where we had up to 16 children, including some we had no contact with before. Give thanks for everyone who came to this and heard the word of God.


Please also give thanks for 3 great nights of Summer Youth in which our own young people were challenged & encouraged by talks from John Graham, David Matthess & Peter McCollum, followed by lots of fun.


Give thanks for a positive reception to street outreach on Thursday where 4you magazines were given to passers by with some ensuing conversations. Please continue to pray for the city of Newry that people may respond to the Gospel as presented in the 4you magazine and through various events including the Hebrew Songs & Stories, the Tea Party, the HBC, Summer Youth & street outreach.

Give thanks for the many different ways God showed his favour during the team and please pray that it would bear fruit!