Gateway GO Team: Day 5 (Friday)

On Friday morning we did one last session of door to door, trying to meet people in the city who are interested in finding out more about Christianity. In the afternoon, we set up a Pop-up Café in the Cottage in Derry Craft Village and plenty of people stopped with us for tea and coffee. Give thanks for this and for how many people took literature away with them.

Gateway meeting.jpeg

In the evening Vincent McDonnell came to speak on Hope when all seems hopeless and the meeting was well attended with 6 new people responding to our invites.

Whilst Friday marked the official end of the GO Team, the team members stayed until Saturday morning so we could have a breakfast together along with the rest of the congregation.

Prayer points:

  • Give thanks for the 6 people responded to invitations and pray that the talk would feed their interest in finding out more about the gospel.
  • Pray that those who received invitations but didn't attend would still read the leaflet and that God would use it to work within them.
  • Pray that the contacts we established this week would provide opportunities to further witness to these people in the future
  • Pray that God would use all the GO Team's work this week for his glory and the extension of his Kingdom
Gateway all.jpeg