Gateway GO Team: Day 4 (Thursday)

In the morning we did more street ministry by singing Psalms 117, 112 and 23 followed by a testimony. Stephen Neilly gave a short explanation of God's word. After lunch we had a team study before heading out to distribute more leaflets and invitations to Friday's meeting.

In the evening the team enjoyed a congregational dinner which allowed us to meet the other members of Gateway

Prayer points

  • Give thanks for the ability to do the open air ministry and pray that God would work in the hearts of the people who passed by and received leaflets from us
  • Give thanks for the large number of invitations handed out and pray that people to come to the meeting 
  • Give thanks for the friendship and fellowship enjoyed by the congregation
  • For tomorrow pray that Vincent McDonnell's talk would be well attended and that God would use him to spread a message of hope