Newry GO Team: Tuesday

Yesterday was a productive day in Newry. The team went around doors this morning delivering 4you magazines and spent time preparing for the Kid's Club which starts on Wednesday morning at 10am. They had plenty of painting, cutting, laminating and planning to do!

Please pray for the Kid's Club. Pray that many children would come from the community. The theme is superheroes from the Bible and Nigel will give the first talk, telling the story of David facing Goliath. Pray that these stories would implant themselves into the children's minds and that they will remember their memory verses.

Please also pray that the 4you magazines would be read and people would understand the gospel message they contain.

On Tuesday evening Noel McCune recited the books of Ruth and Jonah from memory. This was interspersed with selected Psalms, sung by the team. Give thanks for how people in the congregation brought their friends and Pray that the word of God which was spoken and sung will make a lasting impact on everyone who heard it.

Nigel has been doing bible studies with the team this year. He has been showing how it can be shown that the Bible is a record of historical events that actually happened. When we share the gospel with people we need to be sure that the Bible we present to people is 100% true. Knowing how we got the Bible helps to give us confidence in standing on the truths it speaks of, giving answers to people who criticise the historicity and accuracy of the Scriptures.