Gateway GO Team: Day 2 (Tuesday)

The morning began with devotions followed by the team going door to door with a questionnaire and handing out leaflets for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Give thanks for the meaningful contacts made yesterday.

At 5 the team met in a park for public psalm singing with some explanation of the psalms by Stephen Neilly. Matthew Magee also gave his testimony in the open air and Stephen Neilly delivered a short message.

Please give thanks for the mostly suitable weather for our door to door work and public speaking.

Please also pray that the people the team engaged with on the doors would take to heart what they discussed and that God would stir interest in their hearts to find out more. Also pray that people would be interested in attending Vincent McDonnell's talk on Friday.

For tomorrow, please pray again for good weather and for the ability to hand out a good number of invites in the morning and for more conversations in the afternoon when the team hopes to do more door to door. Also pray for the street evangelism as they plan to move to a more populated area.