Gateway GO Team: Day 1 (Monday)

The Gateway GO Team began tonight with dinner at the Neilly's home. Give thanks for safety in travel and for this opportunity to spend time together. Next up was a time of studying: the members of the team will be reading two books over the course of the week. Please pray that Tactics by Gregory Koukl will help to equip the team for their door to door work and that Nothing in my hand I bring by Ray Galea will give the team insights into the Catholicism they will keep on encountering in Derry.

The team hopes to begin door to door work on Tuesday morning, so please pray that they would have suitable weather for this. If the weather isn't good enough, they plan to do some more studying instead. 

Please pray that people will be open to having conversations when the door to door work begins. The team will be doing questionnaires and giving out invitations to a public meeting on Friday, where Vincent McDonnell will speak on "Hope when all seems hopeless".