Cookstown GO Team: Day 3 (Friday)

The final day of the team began with a study on holiness. The team thought about how holiness means being like the Lord Jesus, being distinct from the world, and how holiness leads to good works which will lead others to glorify our father in heaven.

The team did door to door work again and were encouraged by the responses they received. Some people said that they would come to the service on Sunday evening - please pray that they would be true to their word!

In the afternoon the team went to another nursing home to sing psalms and Paul addressed the residents from the Bible. There was time after that for some more door to door work, and a quick power nap to reenergise for maximum banter in the evening!

After a suitable rest, it was time for a BBQ for members of the church, the GO Team, and others who have supported the work in Cookstown. It was a great time of food, fellowship, psalm singing, croquet, and banjo playing.