Cookstown GO Team: Day 2 (Thursday)

Having thought on Wednesday about how the horrors of hell should spur Christ's people on to share the gospel, the team spent time in the morning considering how the glories of heaven are also to motivate Christians to spread the message. After studying God's word, the team headed out into the town with their message of eternal value.

The team is very thankful for the dry weather which God provided in the morning and afternoon as they gave out invitations to the special service on Sunday night. Please pray that people would come and hear the message!

There were many opportunities to talk to others about what the team are doing: some went onto the street in order to meet people, the team played music and sang psalms in a care home, and spoke with the residents.

Reactions have been mixed over the last few days: there have been encouraging conversations and there have been discouraging ones. Give thanks for how both demonstrate that people are thinking about the message the team has been helping the congregation to bring to Cookstown.

The team are also really thankful for how God has blessed them this week: for his help as they have spoken to others and for the fellowship he has provided them with in this task. Please give thanks with them for the unity they have and for the time they have enjoyed praying, singing psalms, and playing games together. Please pray that this would be a witness to others.