Galway GO Team: Day 5 (Wednesday)

Give thanks for another day of God's blessing. The team were praying that the weather would clear up so that the magazines would not get soaked, and God graciously answered that prayer. Give thanks for the progress around the city that God has enabled the team to make and please pray that he would enable them to get the rest given out this week.

In the afternoon, the team enjoyed a well earned afternoon off. How they spent their afternoon was up to them; they decided it was an opportune time to have a nerf battle! When the battle was done, they went back onto the streets for some more open air evangelism. Give thanks for how God was with Stephen as he spoke and for how many people stopped to listen. 

Please pray for the different people the team has had contact with this week. Give thanks for all those who have taken free literature and pray that God would work in their hearts. Please pray especially for Pat, who has come twice to the street evangelism; please pray that he would grasp what it means to be born again.