Cookstown GO Team: Day 1 (Wednesday)

Cookstown is home to many people who go to church, yet have never experienced the glories of Christ's gospel for themselves. Many simply hope or assume that everything will work out for them in the end; the church in Cookstown and GO Team that are helping this week are seeking to bring the message of certain salvation in Christ to those in the town.

The team have been helping to distribute invitations to a special service this Lord's Day, along with an introduction to the congregation. Please pray that people would read this and that God would bring many to the service so they can hear the good news.

Please give thanks for how God gave the team such a good first day: for the time spent studying the doctrine of hell with Liam (the team leader) and how that spurred them on to get out into the town. Thank God too for the fellowship the team and members of the congregation have enjoyed and for the time spent committing the town to the Lord in prayer.

Give thanks also for how God enabled the team to have some good conversations with people at their doors and please pray that these conversations would lead to people coming to the service on Sunday evening and putting their faith in Jesus Christ.