Galway GO Team: Day 3 (Monday)

Monday was a packed day. Each day on the team begins with a bible study and with this being the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the studies have been on the 5 solas. The first study was on Sola Scriptura. The team is praying that many people in Galway would have the joy of discovering these treasures that were forgotten for so long.

After the study, the team started into the work of giving out magazines around the city. Along with the magazines, they are also giving out invitations to a public talk on depression by Dr Noel McCune. Depression is a serious problem in Galway, so please pray that some of those who are suffering would come along to this meeting and see that there is hope.

The team continued to give out invitations in the afternoon, while Michael and Anna helped to staff the church's bookshop. This gave them opportunities to speak with the many people who visited. Give thanks for the people from all sorts of different backgrounds who visit the shop, including atheists, Roman Catholics, and Jehovah's Witnesses. Pray that God would establish relationships and open people's eyes. Please pray especially for one man who called in on Monday who has had many conversations with Billy in the past.

In the evening, the team headed to the centre of the city to help Billy and Peter as they preached the gospel on the street. Many people gathered to hear what they had to say, although often as soon as sin was mentioned they would walk away.

The team members didn't have a lot of conversations with passersby, but they did have a few. Give thanks for those who did stop to talk, and give thanks that even those who walked away heard at least a snippet of the good news about Jesus Christ.