Nantes GO Team: Day 1 (Saturday)

Bonjour de l'équipe de Nantes!

After arriving in Nantes we have been hit with the lovely weather in France. On Saturday morning we had the pleasure of going to the French market where there was all sorts of things on offer: fish, cheese, and French patisserie! 

After lunch we went out distributing Réflexions in beautiful sunshine and 25° heat. 
This evening we had a team meeting to plan Tuesday evening's soirée and practise psalm singing for the open air singing in the market on Thursday morning. 

Prayer points

  • Pray for tomorrow morning's worship service.
  • Pray for the team as they introduce themselves and are interviewed after the church lunch. Pray that this would encourage those who are present.
  • Pray that Réflexions would be well received by those who read it. It contains a section about Luther and the Reformation - pray that this would make the flaws of Catholicism and the glories of the Gospel clear.
  • Pray that people would come to the events they have been invited to.