Nantes GO Team: Day 5 (Wednesday)

Today was a lighter day after the hard work of Tuesday. The team had a great time of fellowship with each other as they met at L'atelier de la Chef (Chef's workshop) to see which member of the team is the best cook. They learned all sorts of valuable lessons like how to cut onions without crying and how to cook chicken without losing its flavour.

The afternoon was spent giving out Réflexions before dining with Joel and Josiann from the congregation. This was a good chance to try some traditional French food, including Galleta (a Brittany dish). The team really enjoyed getting to know Joel and Josiann more and had a great evening of chat and laughter. Give thanks for this fellowship which the team enjoyed.

On Thursday morning, the team will be singing in the market while Malcolm and others will be speaking to those who gather. Please pray that God would use this for his glory.