Airdrie GO Team: Day 1 (Thursday)

The main task of the Airdrie GO Team is to distribute 15,000 invitations around the town advertising special services which will be held next week. Not only will the team be giving out these invitations, members of the congregation will be inviting their friends and family members personally. Some of the members of Airdrie first came to faith after coming along to special services, so please pray that God would work in this way once again.

The team isn't all about delivering leaflets - there are plenty of opportunities for fun as well! In fact, having fun is a key part of the Airdrie team because it is a great opportunity to invest in the lives of the congregation's young people, who are growing up in a society where they know very few Christians of their own age. Tonight they went bowling - please pray that they will be encouraged by the time they spend with the GO Team throughout the rest of the week.

This year's team members are: Anah Laverty, Ross Fallows, Ruth Denniston, Vicki Blackburn, Timmy McGurk, and Patrick Stewart.