Nantes GO Team: Day 4 (Tuesday)

Tonight the team helped with the Soirée: a night of quiz rounds, music, dance, and other entertainment. This was followed by an epilogue where Malcolm spoke about Christ's tears over Lazarus and Jerusalem. Give thanks for those who came to this event.

The weather has continued to be good, which has helped the team with their distribution of Réflexions. They have given out almost 10,000 copies so far, so they have another 35,000 to go! Please pray that God would continue to give good weather as they give out the rest and that he would give energy to the team members who have now walked many miles around the city.

We have received mixed receptions as we have given out the magazine: some residents have questioned us, some have refused to let us into the apartments, others have gladly taken it from us. 

I have never visited so many apartments in my life: after walking only 3 miles we easily covered over 20 blocks, each of which had between 10 and 40 letter boxes.

I’ve also learnt that Nantes is much bigger than I realised. The church is in an area called Orvault, and this one part of the city has as many people in it as my home town of Carrickfergus.
— Philip Coulter

Please continue to pray that God would use Réflexions in order to call people into his kingdom. We have a God who is able to do wonderful things, so why not pray that we would receive 10 positive responses from the magazine and that more than 1 new contact would be made?