Nantes GO Team: Day 3 (Monday)

Today many of us had the chance to tackle apartments for the first time. These can be discouraging when you're standing outside the door buzzing one name after another to find somebody who will let you in. On the other hand, it's terrifically exhilarating to find an open door and rows upon rows of letterboxes waiting to be filled with Réflexions!

We were also able to have some interesting conversations with residents who opened the doors to us. Before we set out in the morning, we prayed that God would 'set before us an open door', and we were thrilled to see Him answer that prayer. Sometimes people were passing in and out, sometimes the doors were standing wide open, sometimes we needed to learn patience or persistence, but always He went before us and prepared a way for us.

In the evening we all regrouped at the Balls' house to discuss the day's work around some of Muriel's delicious cooking. The Bible study, led by Philip, focused on 2 Corinthians 4. It felt so appropriate to discuss how we are only like clay pots bearing the light and power of God to those around us. As always, there was plenty of lively discussion, and many insightful questions were raised. The evening ended with a prayer time together, before we returned to our respective hosts and to bed - preparing for yet another exciting day in Nantes! 

Please pray:

That the team would know God's sufficiency as they interact with people.
That the good weather would continue for magazine distribution.
That everything in Tuesday evening's Soirée would be done for God's glory.