Newry GO Team Update: Tuesday and Wednesday

Newry's Holiday Bible Club and Summer Youth Club began on Tueday. A good number of young people attended the youth club in the evening. On Tuesday afternoon the team also carried out some litter picking around the canal in the city.


On Wednesday all the children returned to the holiday bible club which was a big encouragement and they were all well behaved.


The team also hosted a tea party in the afternoon and the hall was nearly filled by all those attending. Two polish visitors even stopped by as all the elderly people enjoyed fellowship together. They also had the opportunity to sing along to Elvis on the ukulele.

In the evening the youth club enjoyed a photo challenge around the town and some pizza before listening to a talk by Alan Keenan. He spoke from Ezekiel 16:49-50 and explained how Christian's should react to the environment.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks for the times of fun and fellowship enjoyed by those on the team and amongst those attending the events throughout the week. Give thanks that children returned to the Holiday Bible Club and fot the good attendance at the tea party.

Pray that the children and teens at both clubs would understand the message delivered to them and that it would have a spiritual impact upon them. Also pray for attendance at the Holiday Bible Club to increase if God wills.

Pray for Thuesday's speakers, Yvonne Wilson at the Holiday Bible Club and Stuart Gamble at the Summer Youth Club. Pray that God would speak through them to use their words for his own glory and the work of his kingdom.

Newry GO Team Update: Monday

On Monday the team had a productive day preparing for the Summer Bible Club and New Youth by decorating the church hall.


The team also enjoyed times of fellowship during morning devotions and evening worship. In the afternoon there was a discipleship study.

Nigel Agnew also led the team in a study of Psalm 88 and following this the team distributed the booklet ‘What's the point of life?’ by Mez McConnell in the area surrounding the church. Several good conversations were had with those that the team met on the doors.

Prayer points:

Give thanks for the times of fellowship that the team can enjoy and pray that each member will experience spiritual growth personally whilst on the team.

Pray that God would be working in the hearts of those that the team spoke to and also for those that received booklets. Pray that the booklets would be read and that they prompt people to consider their own spiritual condition.

Pray that a good number of children will attend the Summer Bible Club today (Tuesday) and for Anna Murphy as she takes the first talk. Also pray that the Summer Youth Club would be well attended and for Benjamin Agnew as he will be speaking.


Newry GO Team Update: Sunday

Newry's GO Team kicked off on Sunday and it also coincided with the baptism of Georgia Maebh Keenan. This brought many visitors to church who were able to join the congregation for a BBQ lunch after the service.

The team will begin distribution today (Monday) and they also plan to host a Holiday Bible Club and Summer Youth club beginning on Tuesday.

Prayer Points:.

Please pray for the team which consists of; Eleanor Alexander, Joel Armstrong, Sarah Hughes, Tommy Jarad and Lois Kennedy. Also pray for the Murphy and Agnew families as they provide help throughout the week. Pray that there will be good unity amongst the team and that they can all use their gifts in service to God.

Pray for the distribution that will take place. Pray that the literature will be well received and read and that such material will have a spiritual impact upon the readers.

Pray for the Holiday Bible Club and the Summer Youth Club, pray that both will be well attended and that they would be a way of teaching young people about God and the Bible. Pray for those giving talks at these clubs; Anna Murphy for the Holiday Bible Club and for Benjamin Agnew as he is a part of the organising panel for Summer Youth. Pray that the speakers will know God's help and guidance and that they would be used as mouthpieces for God.

Bailiesmills Go Team Update: Wednesday & Thursday

The Bailiesmills GO Team continued on Wednesday and came to a close on Thursday night. Others that helped with the GO Team and were left unmentioned in the last update include; Rachel Wallace, Amanda and Rachel Petticrew, Leslie McConaghie, Sam McDonald, Elizabeth Edwards, Rev. Watterson, Mrs Watterson, Margaret and Richard Prall and Heather Armstrong. Give thanks for all those willing to help with the Holiday Bible Club.

The memory verse for Wednesday was Romans 1:16 which reads, ’For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek’ and on Thursday night it was Galatians 3:26, ’for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith’.

Water Balloons.jpg

The team was blessed with amazing weather for their final evening and so Ben Matthess took a considerable amount of time to set up a water balloon catapult for the children. Four hundred water balloons were thrown and the children loved the activity. The parents were also invited for supper on the final night to hear about what the Holiday Bible Club had been doing over the week.

Prayer points:

  • Give thanks for safety throughout the week and the good weather to finish off the Holiday Bible Club. Give thanks for the children who attended throughout the week and for those parents that took time to attend on the final night.

  • Pray that the children would go away from the week knowing more about God’s word and that they would come to know the saving power of the gospel in their own lives.

  • Also pray that the parents who attended would have heard something of the gospel and that they would be stirred to start attending regular worship services at Bailiesmills.

Bailiesmills GO Team Update: Monday & Tuesday

The Bailiesmills GO Team focuses on hosting a Summer Bible Club in the evenings for children of primary school age. Those helping with the GO Team are Labhaoise Blair (Limavady RPC), Ben Matthess (Woodstock RPC) and Robert McCaughan (Knockbracken RPC) as well as other helpers from surrounding churches. Each night features games and supper. This is followed by a time of joint Psalm singing. The children are then divided into two group (ages 4 to 7 and ages 8 to 11) for the story, memory verse and quiz.

Monday’s memory verse was 2 Corinthians 5:17 which reads, ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.’ and Tuesday’s memory verse was 2 Timothy 3:12, ‘Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,’

Prayer Points:

  • Give thanks for those willing to volunteer to help with the Summer Bible Club. Pray that God would be pleased to use their gifts to teach the children about God and the Gospel.

  • Pray for safety for each night of the Summer Bible Club.

  • Pray that the children would have an enjoyable time and that they would settle and listen well during the story and memory verse and that the Word of God would be stored up in their hearts.

  • Pray that God would speak to the children directly, even at this young age, so that they may Jesus as their Saviour and that they would be made into new creations in Him.

Carrickfergus GO Team (Thursday)

After team devotions we headed to the Carrick markets to help Carrick RPC with their first pop-up café. This gave us the opportunity to engage with the locals and discuss hope, as referred to in our leaflets.

Carrick 8.jpeg

After lunch we continued our leaflet distribution, reaching areas further west in the town.

With the rain beginning to pour, we were all thankful for a warm house and plenty of food, provided by the Stevens' family. Reenergised, we set off to Eden Community Centre where we joined the CY in their games' night, competing in volleyball and unihoc.

Carrick 3.jpeg

To finish the evening, the CY returned to the church where the committee kindly provided chocolate bar milkshakes. A few of our team members shared their testimony and school experiences to encourage the young members of Gods power and continued help with them in school. David Duly, a member of the congregation, came to speak to the team with words of encouragement from Psalm 131 and we closed the evening in prayer.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at 10.40.21.jpeg

Prayer Points

  • Continue to pray for the young people of the church, that they will have been blessed by the testimonies tonight and will continue to grow and come to CY throughout the year
  • Give thanks for the people who have taken an interest in the leaflets and pray for others who have received it
  • Pray for Café 48 tomorrow morning and for the family BBQ in the evening, that those who have been invited will come along
  • Pray for safe journeys as the team departs tomorrow (Friday)
Carrick 9.jpeg

Carrickfergus GO Team (Wednesday)

This morning the team met for devotions in the church, after which we headed out on leaflet distribution. Each leaflet had information on the church and included a small section on hope. 

After lunch, the team went to the Chester Care Home in Whitehead, at which one of the elderly members of Carrickfergus congregation now resides. The team sang from Psalm 23, 65 and a variety of the other old version Psalms and the Rev Harry Coulter gave a short address.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-06 at 08.28.57.jpeg

Then it was tea time! The team was hosted tonight by Margaret Kerr. We enjoyed this time to relax and chill as a group, before heading back to the church for a time of prayer. Asking God that he would lead and guide the team in the week ahead, and that there would be a response from the community regarding the leaflets.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-06 at 08.28.56.jpeg

Prayer points:

  • We would greatly appreciate prayer that we would be able to make contacts in Carrickfergus through the leaflets.
  • That we would have good conversations at the pop up cafe and doing door to door work tomorrow.
  • Pray that we would have favourable weather to be able to distribute more leaflets 
  • Young people would come along to the C.Y meeting tomorrow night to hear Gods word.

Galway GO Team Update: Monday & Tuesday

The final Bible study on Monday morning focused on ‘Give us this day our daily bread’. The complete dependence of all people on God was considered. The team also focused on how Christians need to recognise the many good things that come from God. Following this the team continued to distribute the ‘4You’ magazine.

In the afternoon the bookshop was manned by James and Daniel. Additionally, a stall was set up on Shop Street and it provided free Christian literature to anyone who wanted it. This stall was overseen by Patrick, Elisabeth, Bethany and Rachel. The remainder of the team attempted to do some door-to-door work. A questionnaire was utilised around the doors to spark conversations and to see what people believed concerning; the problems of the world, God, Jesus and the Bible. Many people were willing to chat and several good and encouraging conversations were had.

Mr. Matthew Brennan spoke in the evening at the arranged public meeting. He spoke openly concerning his upbringing through an orphanage and the abuse he suffered and the resulting long-term impacts of the abuse. Matthew pointed to how God provided for him and guided him towards a sure and certain hope. He even showed how God has used his bad experiences of life to help others struggling with similar problems. Those that attended the meeting stayed behind and spoke with the congregation and team.

The team met for breakfast on Tuesday morning in a nearby restaurant before travelling back home.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks for the week and for God’s provision throughout the week. Give thanks that the weather was favourable and dry when the team was out.

Give thanks that 2000 ‘What is the Point of Life?’ booklets were distributed and give thanks that 1500 ‘4You’ magazines were also distributed. Pray that they would be read, and God would use them to open people’s eyes.

Pray for those that spoke to the team at the book stall or on the doors. Pray that people would consider the questions posed and that the Spirit would be at work in their lives.

Pray for those that attended Matthew’s talk and pray that they would be convicted by what they have heard. Pray that they too would desire to have this same sure and certain hope through Christ.


Galway GO Team Update: Sunday

Rev. Peter Jemphrey preached on the parable of the Persistent Widow (Luke 18) in the morning service. He showed how Christians ought to remember God’s identity and their own identity in Christ whilst praying to God. Following the service there was a church lunch which was well attended. Many from the congregation remained to meet the team. Additionally, several newcomers were out at church, some were tourists whilst some were new students in the area.


Due to bad weather, the team was unable to get out to do street ministry in the afternoon. Instead the team took some time to relax.

In the evening the church bible study was again on the Lord’s Prayer. This time the petition ‘your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ was studied. The implications of complete surrender to God’s will were considered at length. After the bible study, the GO Team were interviewed for the benefit of the congregation. Each team member had to share one encouragement and one discouragement that they have faced in their Christian lives. The hope was that each listener could identify with and be encouraged by the team’s answers as the GO Team showed great honesty in their answers.

Prayer Points:

Give thanks to God for the blessing of His day. Give thanks for the preaching of the word in Galway and give thanks for the time of fellowship enjoyed after the service. Give thanks for the visitors and students that came to church and pray that they would feel blessed by their time with the congregation.

Pray that the team would have strength to see out their last full day of work on Monday.

Pray again that Monday’s public meeting would be well attended. Pray that God would be with Mr. Matthew Brennan and that the Spirit would be working in the lives of the listeners.

Pray for those who have received literature through the doors. Pray that they would read either the booklet or the magazine and that their eyes could be opened by God.  


Galway GO Team Update: Saturday

Friday’s Bible Study focused on the line ‘Your Kingdom Come’ from the Lord’s Prayer. We focused on what this meant for our lives and the reality of God’s Kingdom for those that we would interact with. Following this the team distributed the remaining ‘What’s the Point of Life’ booklets. We also distributed a Magazine called ‘4You’ which is an Irish Christian Magazine.

After lunch the team continued distribution. Stephen and Bethany were covering the bookshop. Once again in the evening the team engaged in some open-air preaching. Billy Hamilton spoke first on ‘What are you Worth?’. Stephen Fallows then spoke concerning four different hearts that people in the world can have. Peter Jemphrey spoke last on the Titanic and how we can learn lessons from It to avoid an even greater tragedy in our own lives. Many people stopped and listened for parts of the talks but very few remained for the whole duration of the talks.

The evening was closed with some team devotions and prayer.

Prayer Points;

Give thanks for the many booklets given out. Pray that people would read them and seek to find out more and would get in contact with the congregation.

Pray that the Galway congregation would be encouraged by the presence of the GO Team this week and pray that the team members could benefit from meeting the congregation.

Pray that those who listened to the open-air talks would think about what they heard and that the Spirit would be at work in the lives.

Pray that people would respond to the invites for Mr. Matthew Brennan’s public meeting on ‘Orphaned, Institutionalised, and Alone: A Sligo Man’s Journey to Hope’. Pray that God would be with Matthew as he prepares for the meeting.