Milford & Letterkenny GO Team
19 - 25 August

We give out leaflets. We hold events. We run Holiday Bible Clubs. Why when the church does so much, do we see so little fruit?

Could part of the answer be that we do not pray as much as we should? It is right that we work hard in reaching out with the Gospel, but if God does not work, then nothing is going to change. That is why, on the Milford & Letterkenny GO Team, we believe the most important work we do each day is the time we spend in prayer for God to work in the county of Donegal, where a huge number of people have never heard the good news about Jesus Christ.

As well as praying, the team will help to run a Holiday Bible Club in one of Milford's housing estates, speak with people in the community during door-to-door work, and spend time encouraging the young people in the congregations, who constantly face the pressure of growing up in an area where they know very few Christians of their own age.

GO Teams aren't just about serving, they are also an opportunity to develop the gifts God has given us and to become more Christlike. As well as learning about prayer, the team will also take part in seminars where we will explore how to respond to some of the attacks that are made against Christianity. We are praying that this will be a practical, encouraging experience for everyone who does this GO Team.

Main activities

Holiday Bible Club
Teen work

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