Galway GO Team
16 - 23 July

The congregation in Galway has entered an exciting new stage in their witness as they have begun to hold services and other meetings in their new building. This team is an opportunity to be a part of this new stage.

A typical day on the Galway GO Team will look like this:

Morning - The day will begin with team Bible study and prayer. After this, the 4you magazine will be distributed along with invitations to a public meeting being organised by the congregation.

Afternoon - The team will help with street evangelism and with helping to staff the church's bookshop, Aisling Family Books, in the city centre.

Evening - The team will help the congregation to hold an open-air talk. There will be opportunities for some team members who wish to speak to do so; those who would rather not will have the opportunity to strike up conversations with those who stop to listen.

This GO Team is a great opportunity to tell people about Jesus Christ and also to encourage the members and young people of the Galway congregation by joining them in their work and having fellowship with them.

Main activities

Magazine distribution
Staffing bookshop
Street evangelism

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THE GALWAY GO TEAM has now finished