Galway GO Team

Dates: 17-24 August


  • Distribution of magazines
  • Staffing bookshop
  • Street evangelism
  • Open air outreach


Each morning will begin with Bible study and prayer, followed by distribution of the 4you magazine and invitations to a public meeting held by the church in Galway.

In the afternoons, the team will help with street evangelism. In the evenings, the team will be involved in open-air preaching. There will be an opportunity for team members who would like to do an open-air talk to take part, with help and guidance being given. Those who do not wish to do this have an opportunity to strike up conversations with those who stop to listen.


3 key aspects of the Galway GO Team:

Fellowship and fun

The members of the congregation really appreciate GO Teams coming to help in Galway and find the fellowship they have together to be a great blessing.

Bible study and prayer

Each morning will begin with Bible study and prayer that God would equip the team and the congregation for their joint task of spreading the gospel. Praying that God's Spirit would bring people to Christ is a vital part of the team's work.


Members of the team will have opportunities to talk with people who stop to listen to open-air preaching, to give out invitations to a public meeting, and to spend a morning or afternoon working in the church's bookshop in Galway city centre.

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