Bailiesmills GO Team
24- 27 June

Would you like to serve on a GO Team this summer, but can't take the time off work? Do you feel you have a gift for teaching God's word to young people? Perhaps the Bailiesmills GO Team is for you.

The Bailiesmills congregation is eager to establish good relations with families who live in their area in order to bring them the good news of Jesus Christ. To do this they run a Youth Club as well as summer and winter Bible Clubs.

The GO Team will gather each evening to help the members of the congregation run their Summer Bible Club. This club is for primary school children (ages 4-11), with 25-30 normally attending.

The club involves 

  • Games

  • Psalm choruses

  • Memory verses

  • Bible stories

  • Quizzes

To help the team members with their planning, there will be an orientation evening about a month before the club. This will be a chance to get to know each other and the congregation and to plan and pray together.

Main activities

Holiday Bible Club

More information

Bailiesmills website