Bailiesmills GO Team

Dates: 13 - 17 June (evenings only)

Please note that these are new dates from what was previously advertised.


  • Holiday Bible Club

“Bailiesmills runs an annual Summer Bible Club for primary school children. Attendance is normally between 40 and 50, and we consider this to be a good ministry to the local community. Especially, it enables us to establish and maintain good relationships with many local families whose children also attend our Winter Bible Club and, when they leave primary school, the Youth Club.

 “The club follows a simple format, comprised of games, Psalm choruses, a memory verse, a Bible story and a quiz. Everything is geared towards teaching the Word of God, and so we expect everyone who takes part to aim for excellence in whatever they are doing. To this end, we organize an orientation evening about a month before the club, which all Go team members are expected to attend. This evening is an opportunity for us to explain our expectations of those who take part in the club, and for us to pray together. Each evening of the club is also concluded with a time of prayer.

“Bailiesmills is an elderly congregation. It is something of a surprise to us that God has given us a ministry to children, and we do what we can to seize this opportunity. Such is our age profile that it is much easier for us to run the Summer Bible Club (and, indeed, the Winter Bible Club) because of help we receive from outside the congregation. We are, however, confident that God is able to save by many or by few (1 Samuel 14:6).”

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